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Kafolike School of Percussion is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization founded by Sekou Tepaka Lunda Conde. Our school is known for it's intensive curriculum, cultural history, ethics, morals, technique, folklore, and learning of traditional West African drums, and rhythms of the Mandingue diaspora. 
Head of School's Welcome,

We thank you for your interest in Kafolike School of Percussion, "Where becoming ONE with Djembe is a Lifestyle". Our curriculum is geared towards the preservation of the ancient instrumentation that is called the Djembe Orchestra. Our school operates in 4 semesters a year with an intricate lesson plan that totally envelops our students in the cultural aspects of the Malinke Djembe. As a student of the school you not only learn various rhythms, history of the culture, the people, but the region of the rhythm in which we study in additional to solo phrases, build stamina, and more. If you are a drummer looking to sharpen your skills, or simply new to it all, this is a perfect way to start on your journey.

​For the past 8 years, the school has evolved into Chicago's biggest resource of training to adults and children yearning to learn as much as they can about the ancient history of the djembe orchestra. Students of all walks of life have come through the school to further their education of the musical culture of West Africa.


​​Sekou Tepaka Lunda Conde
​Head of School