Student Comments

"Sekou is an amazing performer and was a great teacher. He truly cared about each student, and took the time to make sure we were all grasping the technique and rhythms before moving on. He clearly has a deep passion for this instrument, which makes the class so much more enjoyable!"

Ally Siciliano


"If trapped in your comfort zone and need to escape, this class will do the trick! Our brother Sekou challenged, pushed, educated and encouraged us! I really appreciated his very obvious love and passion for the music through his in depth lectures on the historical and cultural relationships to the rhythms that we were learning, as well as his insistence on us "putting a face" to the music; making certain that we were cognizant of the fact that the music was about the people who created it, first and foremost. Thanks to my brother for truly bringing the music to life."

Belinda Kimmons


“Sekou is an excellent teacher! He ensures that his students understand the cultural significance of each rhythm he introduces. When teaching the rhythm, he is very patient and breaks it down into smaller parts to make it easier to understand. Sekou cultivates a cooperative and comfortable environment for his students to learn and grow as musicians. I would definitely take his class again!”

Laura Dee


“Great first fall session! we worked on endurance and concentration when fusing polyrhythms. we were challenged with an arrangement and transitioning between distinctly different rhythms with very different timings. i truly enjoyed this session as we were all pushed a little harder (gently of course) :-) . As per usual, we focused on the music and the rich culture and history from which it originates. i highly recommend this course for the seasoned musician as well as the inexperienced or curious student. There's something for everybody! Thanks karamogo! see ya next semester!”

Ak Ek Talibah


“Sekou is not only a master performer, but a master teacher and guide. I look forward to every class and can't wait to sign up for the next session!”

Lane Alexander

“Sekou is awesome, the best drummer of our time who knows and loves what he does. Everybody come one, come all for learning and to fun as well.”

Naa Tsotsoo Adjetey Kraku


“Sekou is an innovator and an awesome teacher. I am so excited about what's to come.”

Omouzuwa A. Odiase


“An out of this natural world experience! I love it”

Antamani Lunda


“Awesome class! Sekou is one of the best.”

Desmond Tutu Owusu