Sekou "Tepaka Lunda" Conde is a well-known and respected djembe player and teacher around the world. Sekou has had a life full of cultural drumming and has dedicated his life to progression and preservation of the djembe orchestra and it's cultural legacy.

Sekou showed interest in drumming at the young age of 4, inspired by his Father Ramu (RIP), who was a drummer in Chicago's premier African Dance Company "Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago". Muntu formed a children's component where Sekou was able to fully immerse himself in the beautiful art form of djembe. Presently Sekou is Executive Director of Muntu Dance Theatre of Chicago.

Sekou's serious interest and urge to learn kept him on a path of learning beginning with Babu Atiba (Former associate director) and Moshe Milon of Muntu Dance Theatre, on to Grand Master teachers as Mamady Keita, Famoudou Konate, Abdoul Doumbiya, Moussa Traore, Laurent Camara and Babara Bangoura. Sekou draws off of the power and teachings of them all. They all together were a remarkable force that gave him a well rounded approach to the djembe and an extensive insight into the musical culture of the Mandingue. Sekou is very humbled by the knowledge imparted on him by these Master drummers and djembe players. The teachings given to him has been his inspiration to keep humble, consistently studious and the fortitude to preserve the ancient Djembe musical culture.

His achievements range from teaching and performing worldwide. Sekou's first tour began in 2006, when he toured with Legends of West Africa. Legends of West Africa was a touring company created by his uncle Mammoudou Conde, Laura Rich and Matthew Mueller (RIP). In 2007 Conde toured Canada with NIMBAYA! Formerly known as Amazones Women Master Drummers, founded and managed by his uncle Mamoudou Conde. NIMBAYA is the first all African Women drum and dance company of Guinea West Africa. In 2019 Conde was featured as a cast member in the dynamic Theatrical Concert "Djembe! The Show".

As a budding entrepreneur, Sekou is definitely making his presence felt in the world of Television by appearing on 3 episodes of the hottest sitcom on National Television "EMPIRE". The intrinsic discipline and vast knowledge that Sekou has amassed vis-à-vis the dialectical process of impassioned learning and teaching, has taken his abilities to new heights, increasing his cultural devotion to the traditional African value system. Sekou continues to produce recordings, lecture and perform around the globe, sharing the importance of traditional culture as well as the upliftment of young people everywhere.

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